Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry X'mas!

Tomorrow night, on 24th December is the Christmas Eve celebrated all over the world. The midnight mass celebration is conducted on the Christmas Eve. In the Western Christian churches, the Christmas Eve marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

On the Christmas Eve the entire family and the relatives gather to enjoy a wonderful dinner along with singing and dancing.

It is a popular belief that on the night of the Christmas Eve Santa Claus visits the house and stuffs the stockings hang on the fire place with presents and children open their gifts on the Christmas morning.

The Christmas Eve is also known as the Good Night in some parts and is celebrated by people enjoying party until midnight. After the party they open the gifts presented to them. The party is a get together of family and friends feasting on delicious meals and dancing and singing in merriment. The Christmas Eve is a day you spend along with your loved ones enjoying the Christmas season.

With all the warmest blessing that we received, we hope to share, to all the people that we care, concern, to have a wonderful holiday, to have good health, joy and happiness in coming 2009.

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