Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bad Overall Environment vs Life Goes on & Time Goes By

The whole world is suffering bad economy, it's affecting everything and we will probably have some tough times ahead.

The gasoline/oil price keeps rising, it affects all kinds of petrol-chemical related raw materials & products. Inflation after deflation, RMB vs USD & NTD exchange rate influence, all bad results affecting the poor exporting/trading business.

Between the China Olympics, the Middle East conflict and the US political elections, we have enough news daily to worry us all.

It's a crisis-ridden environment, but we could do nothing for changing it.

One of the recent good news was that China & Taiwan finally had agreement about the direct-flight and we opened a wider door for welcoming mainland people visiting Taiwan because TW government is trying to improve the economic situation.

Well, life does go on as time goes by~~~

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