Monday, February 16, 2009


It's totally an revolutionary winder that creates best user friendly access to the end-user for further winders that might be purchased/added on the same system.

It's the perfect looking winder that not only suits for 1 single unit, but also could be built in different construction and could be arranged by different color's combination:

The unit(S) could save unnecessary cost for additional adaptors. If any of the units are out of order, end-user could simply take the faulty units out for repairing or replacement which won't affect the whole winder system.

BRICK WATCH WINDER has our own designed Light Sensor as inside mechanism, the motor is counted by turns and it always perform the rotation precisely and come back to the original position, unlike some other winders are counted by time roughly.

The most UNIQUE feature of this BRICK WATCH WINDER is that when you make further purchase and have any additional units available, for example when you have the 2nd one, please remove 4 x EVA Insulators from the top of 1st unit, then remove 4 x EVA Insulators from the bottom of 2nd unit, then you could simply ADDING the 2nd unit up and pressing it from the top of 2nd unit, to ensure both units are combined properly. When you have 3rd unit, you could repeat the same procedure and placing 3rd unit on the top of 2nd unit vertically:

We sell Accessory (a)-Power Extended Station as a separate item:

You could purchase one and using (a) for lining up, side by side and stacking up in a Pyramid shape like this:

The current goes to the bottom and top horizontally and vertically.

Isn't it amazing!!!

We also sell Accessory (b)-Full Wooden Housing as a separate item, following examples FYR:

We made an introduction video: PLS review!!!

We strongly believe this winder system has great advantages and potential for selling well~~~

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