Thursday, April 16, 2009


Following are some common questions that people ask when they first evaluating the Brick Winder System:

1. How many Brick can be driven with provided AC/DC Adaptor?
A: The official answer is 12 units.

The peak DC current drives 1 x motor requests only 40mAh, our AC/DC Adaptor has maximum 2A in DC power.
1A = 1,000 mAh. In theory, 2,000/40 = 50, means 50 units that 1 AC/DC Adaptor can drive in maximum, however in safety concern, we put "do not stacking more than 3 layers(1 layer for 4 units, 3 x 4 = 12 units in total) with 1 Full Housing unit, it might cause mechanical damage." on CAUTION of manual.

2. Will Brick Winder System cause any electronic shocks during the operation?
A: No, that's why we need our AC/DC Adaptor. Our AC/DC Adaptor has maximum 2A in DC power. The DC current provides tender electricity unlike AC current.

I tested with my bare hands while operation. It's like a dry battery, in the experiment, a dry battery can light up a bulb with positive & negative ends connected with wires and human can hold both ends without feeling a electronic current because our human body provides quite big electronic resistance and this DC current is so small and low, lower than our body can feel it. Electric shock occurs with AC current, bigger than approx. 100V.
According to Ohm's Law, V = I x R
V stands for Volt, unit: V
I is Ampere, unit: I
R stands for Resistance, unit: Ω
When R = 1, V = I x 1 which means 1V =1A
When R = 2, V = I x 2 which means 2V = 2A
Therefore, 100V is equal to 100A

3. What if consumer uses more than 1 x AC/DC Adaptor for winders that connected together accidentially, will it cause any dangers?
A: Not at all.

We tested 12 Brick samples with 3 x AC/DC Adaptors, it's still working properly. All DC current will be in parallel connection.
FYI that our AC/DC Adaptor has maxium DC current in 2A which means that it can supply 2A, each motor requests 40mAh to drive, it's the current consumption that motor needs. Motors only take what it required to drive that's all.

Hope above stated information solve your doubts and if not pls write to for further questions.

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