Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BOXY Brick Winder System-Small Modifications

We thank you for the tremendous support of buying BOXY Brick Winder System from 2009 to 2010. Brick Winder System was one of our latest design and development completed in April of Year 2009.

We had been successfully selling great quantity of Brick Winder System worldwide, it's been more than 20,000pcs so far.

In order to meet consumer's expectation & satisfaction, we always keep improving, to ensure that we are taking care of majority of consumer's need.

Followings are small modifications/improvements that will be applied on Brick Winder System effective immediately from the begining of year 2011:

*New designed color box-

*New designed Plastic Caps in stead of EVA Insulators on the top of Brick-

*We will only print BOXY logo instead of BOXY Design on the rear side of Brick-

*The Instruction Booklet will also be amended accordingly-

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