Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BOXY Brick Winder System-Small Modifications

To keep meeting consumer's expectation & satisfaction, we always keep improving, to ensure that we are taking care of majority of consumer's need.

We have decided, for "Not Putting the EVA Insulator(4) at the bottom of each Brick".

The reasons are:

1. We received some feedbacks, if consumer does not read the Instruction Booklet carefully, they might not removing these EVA Insulators which could cause a trouble while they are trying to connect with our Power Extended Station or stacking up with other Brick items.

2. Without such action, our productivity could move faster and to be more efficient.

This notice will be effected by the end of this year which means that for all accepted current orders, we will keep the same method.

For any new orders next year, we will not put EVA Insulators and will revise the Instruction Booklet accordingly:

Since our BOXY logo is a fully registered Trade Mark, therefore we will add a circle R on the logo of our color boxes:

We thank you so much for all your attention!

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