Sunday, May 11, 2008

BOXY Designed Crystal Series Winders

Followings are quoted from internet, from someone has great experience with our winders:
The BOXY-Crystal Series Winders feature wood cases with teak and black finishes. These are attrative cases that feature an acrylic viewing lid and soft, suede-like interior.

They are more attractive than most winders in the price range.

Substance: Like the Acrylic winders we introduced, these Taiwan winders feature the same Japanese-made motors used in CD players. This elevates BOXY winders above all those Chinese-made winders.
When winding various watches, functionality is equally important as quality. These BOXY winders allow you to select clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directional (auto reversing) winding patterns.What really sets these winders apart is that they feature 15 different winding speeds. Many winders might offer from one to four winding speeds. Those with one winding speed simply won't wind a number of watches. Those with four speeds can take care of most timepieces, but still fall short on occasion. With winding speeds ranging from 650(Rolex and many popular models) to 3,600 turns-per-day (TPD), BOXY-Crystal Series winder will keep some watches wound that others can't.

Finally, the price on these winders is more affordable than buying an Orbita. Don't get me wrong, Orbita makes good winders and we sell a lot of them. They do, however, require a more substantial investment. If you've got a "champagne taste and a beer budget," this BOXY model is the winder for you!

There are three sizes — models for one, two (shown in photo above), or three watches. While they all are good values, it is really difficult to find a three-watch winder like this one for such attractive price. If an Eilux does not offer the TPD your watches require, or an Orbita is simply not in your price range, consider one of the BOXY-Crystal Series Watch Winders.

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