Sunday, May 11, 2008

BOXY Watch Winder Brand Into US Market:

A new brand to U.S market: BOXY-Acrylic Watch Winders.

For owners of automatic watches, this may be the most interesting winder brand to be arrived.

Followings are also quoted from internet, from someone commented and evaluated the BOXY-Watch Winders:

Acrylic watch winders are attractively priced. These are not the cheapest winders in the market, but these are very affordable based on their quality and features.

We have been evaluating them for several months and have been impressed with their durablity. We have been running them 24x7 for several months without a glitch.Here are some Acrylic winder features we like:
Programmability: You may operate your winder at one of 15 speeds ranging from 650 to 3,600 Turns Per Day (TPD). The winding direction may also be set to clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directional modes. This means that virtually any automatic watch can be wound. It is rare to find a winder with this wide range of settings. Those that come close usually cost much more.
Quality: There are the high-end European winders, Orbita, and then the rest are mostly lower-quality imports that are made in China with Chinese parts. In contrast, BOXY winders are made in Taiwan, using Japanese mechanisms. We are all familiar with electronic equipment that is made in Japan. Interestingly, the motors driving BOXY winders are the same used for Japanese CD players.
Design: BOXY watch cup and cushion accomodate larger watches much better than many other winders. With a face of 62mm, oversized watches easily fit (we've been testing with a Panerai Luminor Marina and Breitling Navitimer). Easy access to the power, directional, and speed switches makes it extremely easy to operate when changing watches. There is no need to access the back of the winder or remove panels.
Appearance: BOXY-Acrylic winders are not the most elegant winders available. Of course, neither are Orbita Sparta winders, but they work well, too. However, the design is simple and functional. And with the acrylic cover, your watches will be protected and you still have full view of them while they wind. The nice part about the cover is that you can simply lift it off. We have encountered too many winders with lids that are "in the way" when accessing watches.
Price: For what BOXY winders offer, we find them to be very attractively priced. Compare the single Acrylic winder with any other one-watch winder. See if the other offers full programmability (3 directions, 15 speeds), both AC (is adapter included in price like BOXY?) and battery power, protection from dust, and something other than Chinese components.
Noise: Many watch owners are interested in how much noise a winder makes. Some winders are too noisy to have in your bedroom, while others are so quiet it is difficult to know whether they are actually operating. BOXY winders are fairly quiet. They are not as quiet as some winders, but when the cover is on, one should be able to sleep in the same room with one while it's operating. The same cannot be said for many Chinese imports. Although an entirely different design, the Orbita Sparta makes a lot more noise than the BOXY Acrylic winders.
If you've been thinking about one, I encourage you to seriously consider BOXY-Acrylic Watch Winder.

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