Saturday, May 17, 2008

Closing a door and Opening another window

One of our big opportunity & possibility of approaching a watch maker for upselling our winders to be accommodated with their watches into US market was gone, the opportunity was terminated with few discussions through e-mails and only within few days.
The 1st timing was good but we didn't quite catch it well after all. There were many elements and factors that influenced the result, PRICE was one of the key and 2nd was the QUANTITY that we negotiated was excessed client's actual need and expectation.
It was a great lesson and experience that we learned, Pity? Yes, but not really that pity~~~ I mean because it was just beginning of trial and the very 1st shot.
We believe the opportunity is for well prepared people who can grab it when it comes and when god is closing a door, he should opening another window~~~~

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