Monday, May 12, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers~~~

Farmers all over the world know the importance and immutability of the seasons. They know that there is a season to plant and a season to harvest, everything must be done in its own time.

Although the rain pours down with the utmost relentlessness, ceasing all outdoor activities, the man of the field lifts his face to the heavens and smiles. Despite the inconvenience, he knows that the rain provides the nourishment his crops need to grow and flourish. The torrential rains in the month of April, give rise to the glorious flowers in the month of May.

But this ancient truth applies to more than the crops of the fields, it is an invaluable message of hope to all who experience tragedy in life. A lost job here can provide the opportunity for a better job there. A broken dream can become the foundation of a wonderful future. Everything has its place.

Remember this: overwhelming darkness may endure for a night, but it will never overcome the radiant light of the morning. When you are in a season of sorrow, hang in there, because a season of joy may be just around the corner.
Bless you all~~~

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